Sunday 15 December 2013

Original TV21 Dalek comic book art on eBay

These don’t come up so often, so I thought it worth sharing.

ORIGINAL TV21 issue 104 comic artwork by Ron Turner
SOLD FOR £3,300

ORIGINAL artwork for issue 104 (the last page to feature DALEKS )
of the popular children's comic TV21 from the 1960's .

The Dalek strip ran from issue 1 through to 104. ( 1965 to 1967 )

STUNNING artwork by Ron Turner .

Please see ALL SUPER SIZE pictures ...........are scans of actual artwork.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

ANOTHER amazing 3rd Doctor item on eBay!!

The doesn’t happen often.

Only yesterday I showed you a RARE original Silurian head on eBay.
Well, it ends up there are apparently TWO such original Silurian heads.

I cannot vouch for their authenticity, but they do look good. Almost too good.

Doctor Who And The Silurians
Silurian Head






Looks like one of the two heads sold on eBay has either been cut into pieces or bits are dropping off them!

Doctor Who And The Silurians
framed head piece

This is an amazing piece - with the anniversary of doctor who, I thought I would offer this absolutely last amazing opportunity from my own personal collection.

This is a fantastic original prop with fantastic provenance. There is only one original 1970 Silurian costume left in existence. When it was being restored, a few small original pieces had to be discarded. This item is from the head and so rare it is unthinkable - I did not intend to sell this, as it is my own I was going to keep, but pressures have forced my hand!

I have only sold two other smaller pieces two years ago and both went for £150.

This comes displayed in a display frame and will be supplied with certifcate of provenence confirming its authenticity.

Monday 25 November 2013

AMAZING 3rd Doctor item on eBay

A couple of months ago there was an amazing original Auton Mask on eBay.

Things like that don’t come up very often, so it’s amazing now to see this . . .

Doctor Who And The Silurians
Silurian mask

Vintage Doctor WHO original tv PROP'!

' SILURIAN ' Full face Mask in LATEX from the 1970s -this is just so cool and its in great condition

this one has no splits or tears and the colours are still really good and the eyes are bright ...

On 24-Nov-13 at 23:07:16 GMT, seller added the following information:
Please read .............we are getting lots and lots of questions about this -so rather than try and answer them all we have added this-

and we will be as honest as we can about it....

This mask came to us from a very avid collector of Doctor Who . His collection consisted of very rare items many of them were signed by the actors themselves and several photos amongst the collection showed him with them. This mask was from the same collection and we have hung onto it until now because it is just so impressive was nice to have on display for a while ............

many questions have asked about provenance...

No- it does not have a BBC stamp on the back and there is no letter of provenance with it

All we can say is .....we believe it to be a prop , it is extremely well made, far too good to be a toy .

As the photos show , the detail is fantastic......we took more photos than usual to let you see it and make up your own minds ........

The size is for an adult, and measures top to bottom- 50cms in length and 40 cms width and it weighs 800 grms.

so we hope this helps , as we say , in our honest opinion - knowing its source etc -we believe it to be a tv prop ...................but at the end of the day - it is sold as seen and as described.

we are not trying to deceive anyone in any way -so please -only bid -if you are happy with what you see in the photos and our description

Saturday 23 November 2013

Doctor Who Celebration -
costume exhibition

This weekend’s Doctor Who Celebration has been a feast for the eyes for fans.

As well as catering for those who have come to Who through the relaunch series, there has been a good nod to the history of the show with a wide variety of guests and an extensive exhibition of costumes culled from Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience.

They had a near complete set of Doctor’s costumes on show (missing was the Eighth and War Doctors) arranged in a circle around Bessie.

The Third Doctor costume on show was not the same as in The Experience. This was the purple lined Inverness cape (rather than red) and it was the burgundy smoking jacket (rather than midnight blue.

Other items from the Third Doctor era included the original Bessie, which has recently been on display in The Experience foyer.

There was also a Dalek, in a colour scheme which I think debuted in Planet Of The Daleks.

The one thing I saw which was a stand-out Third Doctor item for me was amongst the Time Lord robes display. It included a version seen in The Three Doctors back in 1973.
If you want to see the costumes for the other Doctors at the exhibition, click the links below

Fourth Doctor            Fifth Doctor

Thursday 21 November 2013

Bonhams auction - 18th December 2013

With December looming, it is time for another Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia sale!

The past few auctions have been Doctor Who lite when it comes to items, so there is no surprise that the first post-Anniversary is brimming with costumes and nick backs, dating back to 1968.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:
Here are just the lots relating to the Third Doctor era

Lot 170
DOCTOR WHO/ JON PERTWEE: THE TIME WARRIOR - A SET OF FOUR CAMERA SCRIPTS, mimeographed typed pages, Episodes 1-4, 8 x 11 inches (20x28cm) (4)
Provenance: From the Estate of Bob Slatford, BBC Visual Effects Department between 1986-1974.
Working alongside Jack Kine and Bernard Wilkie.

Estimate £1,000 - 1,500

Lot 171
DOCTOR WHO/ JON PERTWEE: THE CURSE OF THE PELADON- AN ORIGINAL CAMERA SCRIPT/ SHOOTING SCHEDULE FOR EPISODE THREE, 1972, dated to front 31st January 1972, thirty pages of mimeographed typed script, 8½ x 12 inches (21x30.5cm)

Estimate £250 - 300
Sold for £350

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Radio Times -
50th anniversary issue covers

The 50th Anniversary week is almost here, and as expected the cover of the latest Radio Times features The Doctor - not just once, but TWLEVE times!

The sources of the images used are quite interesting, the majority of which are from the Radio Times own extensive archive of Doctor Who images. All are out-takes, so are being published for the first time.

The First and Second Doctors come from the 10th Anniversary Special published by the Radio Times in 1973. The Third Doctor comes from a photoshoot in 1970 for the launch of Jon Pertwee in the role.

The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors are pictured from the shoot for the 30th Anniversary special, which featured in the 1993 Children In Need.

This shows that they were all taken separately before being composited into the group on the cover.

The rest of the Doctors come from bespoke cover shoots done for the Radio Times in more recent years. For example the Ninth Doctor is from the gatefold cover which launched the new series in 2005; and the Tenth from The Next Doctor in 2008. The Eleventh and War Doctors are obviously newly taken.

Here’s the full size version of the Third Doctor’s cover.

Finally, have you noticed that all 12 covers join together to form a long single image?

Friday 30 August 2013

MORE original 3rd Doctor items on eBay

I don’t often post news of original items from the Third Doctor era on eBay - so today is one of those red-letter days!

And it’s a corker!

Terror of the Autons
Auton Carnival Head
SOLD FOR £5,154

Genuine prop from 1971 - 4 part Jon Pertwee series The Terror of the Autons.

Fibreglass carnival head with felt eyes and painted details. Foam rubber hat long since perished.
Was given to my family in the late '70s when my father worked for a studio transport company.

Much loved and played with when we were kids, so has been a bit chipped and scraped, see photos for details. A great piece of collectable memorabilia nevertheless!

Sunday 4 August 2013

TV Action - August 1973

Exactly forty years ago this month, TV Action comic finally came to an end, brining to a close two and a half years of Doctor Who strips.

Doctor Who lived on in TV Comic, it’s home before taking up residence in Countdown in February 1973. It never quite reached the heights seen in Countdown and TV Action, sometimes even rehashing old strips with the latest Doctor’s face pasted over the top!

In issue 129, the letters page has a curious request to see a photo of Azal from The Deamons. The editor kindly obliges to Stephen Thorne’s request. HOLD ON - didn’t Stephen Thorne PLAY Azal???

Later, in the TV Screen Scene page, there is a Spot The Monster quiz with a photo from The Chase. The answer written upside-down at the bottom of the page reveals it to be a Mechanoid!

In issue 130 the Spot The Monster from the previous issue was discussed int he letters page, with reader Walter Bishop thinking the Mirebeast (also from The Chase) was more frightening.

Reader Nicholas Ridley also asked to see a photo of Jo Grant, bemoaning that there hadn’t been a colour photo of her. The editor obliges - with a black and white shot!

In issue 131, a long overdue nod is given to strip artist Gerry Haylock after reader E. Craddock asks to see the faces behind the strips.

Also reader Terry Sims asks if there any female Daleks!

In issue 132 - the FINAL issue of TV Action - there are two hints to the imminent changes afoot. On page 2 there is a trail for a new Doctor Who strip, but in TV Comic.

And on page 15 there is a call to all readers to start buying TV Comic to continue to follow their favourite strips.

Click the issue title to view
the complete comic in PDF format.

Issue 129

Contains comic strips of
Doctor Who -
Dr Who In The Vortex pt 5

art by Gerry Haylock

also UFO, Hawaii Five-O, Droopy, The Persuaders!, Cannon, Dad’s Army, The Protectors
Issue 130

No Doctor Who strip in this issue

also Hawaii Five-O, Mission: Impossible, Alias Smith and Jones, Droopy, The Persuaders!, Cannon, Dad’s Army, The Protectors
Issue 131

Contains comic strips of
Doctor Who - The Unheard Voice

art by Gerry Haylock

also Mission: Impossible, Alias Smith and Jones, Droopy, Cannon, Dad’s Army, The Protectors
Issue 132

No Doctor Who strip in this issue

also The Persuaders!, Mission: Impossible, Alias Smith and Jones, Droopy, Dad’s Army, The Protectors

Tuesday 30 July 2013

ORIGINAL 3rd Doctor items on ebay

Over on my other blogs I have been highlighting items on eBay which are either screen-worn costumes or screen-used props.

Things have been thin on the ground for the first three Doctors, and I haven’t spotted anything worth reporting on.

This week however I spotted a one-off item I thought justified sharing, though as you’ll see it’s still not either a screen-worn costume or screen-used prop!

The Sea Devils
Radio Times billing artwork
by Frank Bellamy
SOLD FOR £466.56

This is an original pen drawing by artist Frank Bellamy, who illustrated many Doctor Who listings in the Radio Times throughout the early 70s. Needless to say, this one was drawn to accompany an episode of the Sea Devils!

The illustration itself measures 35mm x 47mm, and it is on a thick board measuring 110mm x 135mm – with a gorgeous crystal clear autograph in the bottom corner.

This has a piece of greaseproof paper above it, and black sugar paper on top of that which I assume was how the artwork was protected in transit to the Radio Times. The greaseproof paper has Dr Who P.20 written on it in red marker. I obtained this from a well known Doctor Who collector in 2003.

And to verify its authenticity, here is the original Radio Times listing, with the artwork on show.