Monday 8 December 2014

Rare Dalek playsuit for auction

This week sees the regular December Entertainment And Memorabilia Auction at Bonhams.
There’s a handful of Doctor Who items, but the majority are for uninspiring Torchwood and Sarah Jane costumes.

But what has caught my eye is a lot in another auction taking place by Aston’s Auctioneeres in Dudley, West Midlands!

This Thursday and Friday (11th and 12th December 2014) sees a vast sale of Toys and Model Railways.

The most interesting lot is for an original Berwick Dalek Playsuit from 1965.
Originally sold for 66s 6d, they sell for in excess of £300 to £400, so the £150 to £220 estimate is quite conservative, given that it is complete and comes with the original box.

Lot 1350 – Berwick Doctor Who Dalek Playsuit

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Another original TV21 Dalek
comic book art on eBay

Not far off this timer last year I highlighted a stunning page of original artwork for an issue of Century 21 comic.

Now there is another similar page, also by legendary artist Ron Turner - and you can snap it up with a BuyItNow - IF you have £14,900 to hand!

UNSOLD FOR £9,900 (after relisting)

Original UK Comic Artwork

Geliot-Whitman Ltd art board is approx 15" x 21.5"
(is oversize to send as International 'Small Packet' rate)

Drawn for the issue of the comic TV CENTURY 21 issue no. 90, page 20 (back cover), October 1966.

Story is known is 'The Emissaries of Jevo'.
This is part one of six consecutive weeks.
Story board writer is David Whitaker.
Artist is Ron Turner.

No damage. No fading.

Includes the printer's colour guide Registration marks (strips).

Complete * All original

I am including in the sale an issue of the comic, along with a copy
of the 'Heading' + 'STOP PRESS' that I have made to scale
(secondary image)

A bizarre coincidence is that on reverse is ink-stamped
'M. HALL , Artist Agent' including a London address.