Thursday 4 February 2010

Bonhams costume sale - 24th February 2010

In a few of weeks time there is another costume sale at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, this time selling off a vast number of items which have featured in the various exhibitions that have been held around the country.

Since I covered the previous auctions at Bonhams on the 16th June 2009 and 16th December 2009, I felt I should do the same for this, but because there are SO many items on offer, I have split them up by Doctor.

Here are just the lots relating to the Third Doctor era
Lot 166
Invasion of the Dinosaurs, January 1974

A Brontosaurus model, of moulded and painted foam latex, length 83 inches (210cm)
Estimate: £450 - 650
Sold for £1,320
This model was used as a stop-motion animation effects miniature, filmed against a blue screen background in order that a backdrop could be placed behind it and therefore simulate a full scale Dinosaur.

You can watch a BBC News report on the auction here:
There is also a selection of pictures from the auction here:

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