Saturday 15 January 2011

Nestle Milk Chocolate Bars - picture 1

Jon Pertwee is my Doctor, and it was those classic tea-time adventures that I grew up with some forty years ago.
So it seems appropriate to have a bit of a nostalgia-fest in my Third Doctor Blog!

I can remember buying issues of Countdown and TV21 at my local newsagents, just around the corner from my junior and middle schools in Edgware, North West London.
I can also remember buying the Dalek Death Ray lollies and collecting their wrappers.

While trawling the net for flashbacks to those days I came across the Nestlé Doctor Who Milk Chocolate Bars - something for which I simply have no recollection of whatsoever!

Like the Dalek Death Rays the chocolate bars had a serialised adventure on the back, which you could follow and collect. It was in fifteen parts, so I thought I’d post one a month in their fortieth year along with the occasional piece of additional related nostalgia.

Here is the first part of Doctor Who Fights Masterplan “Q”!

I like the way Jo Grant is patronisingly referred to as his PRETTY ASSISTANT!

How times have changed.

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