Thursday 15 December 2011

Nestle milk chocolate bars - picture 12

Today it’s picture twelve of Doctor Who Fights Masterplan “Q” - the 15-part adventure on the backs of the Nestlé Doctor Who Milk Chocolate bars.
While The Doctor and Jo are seeking help, The Master is progressing his evil plan alongside The Major, who is under his influence.They prepare to transport the beast and put his plan into action.
As well as issues over the use of the WHO 1 number plate on Bessie, Nestlé also had problems with Siva Engineering, the makers of the car.

The BBC had given them reference material for all the characters, and Bessie was included.
Since clearance had not been sought, the BBC offered Siva Engineering 7½% of the royalties received from Nestlé in settlement.

Here is another side view of the promotional box, again with the Doctor Who logo stacked horizontally.

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