Thursday 21 January 2016

Original 3rd Doctor items on eBay -
January 2016

I see some loose bits have dropped off the original Silurian costume again.

Doctor Who And The Silurians
framed costume fragment
This is an amazing opportunity

This is almost 50 years old - a piece of an original Silurian creature from the Jon Pertwee story that introduced them in 1970!

As with many costumes of the day, they have deteriorated. No Silurian survived from this story and this is a piece of the head of one of the Silurian remains - this is ultra rare!

I have seen small pieces of Silurian sell once before for £100 each - this piece has been sited in resin to prevent further deterioration and framed for display

It is supplied with a copy of the letter of authenticity from the prop experts who sold it and is s once in a lifetime auction!

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