Saturday 18 September 2010

Inverness Resurrection

I’ve been somewhat tied up over the past few weeks clearing a backlog of commissions for a variety of jobs and clients. As a result some of the pet projects I had been working on over the months have taken a bit of a backseat.

Anyway, when I am preparing each job I do, I have a cargo box in which I keep all the relevant fabrics; sundries such as buttons, zips and interfacings; and pattern samples. In clearing out some of the completed boxes I came across one which had ended up literally at the bottom of the pile right at the back - its label read INVERNESS CAPE.

That made me a little annoyed with myself, as I had already cut the block for it, and worked up a practical pattern. I had also gotten it to the first toile stage, though I hadn't had the chance to write that up and post it in this blog.

Well, it’s about time I did - and took it to the next stage of actually making the thing, since I had already sourced the fabrics I wanted to use as well as the correct frog fastening and lining.

Check back soon as I’ll finally get this project kick-started and back on the tailor’s mannequin!

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